Relocating to Bahrain

When one thinks of relocating or working internationally, Bahrain may not be the place that pops into your head right off the bat. However, it has crept into the spotlight over the past few years as one of the best places to relocate. It made the top 20 places for expats per a list created by Expat Insider annually.

What makes Bahrain so appealing for employers, employees and those looking to relocate is the ease of transition. Bahrain does a great job, according to expats who have been, of welcoming newcomers and making Bahrain feel like their home. It is possible to survive and live without learning the local language, something that cannot be said for many other countries. Bahrain’s English speaking and the prominence of the English language has arisen as a result of it becoming home to people from all over the world with the presence of many different cultures.

Bahrain also offers an impressive work life balance and support for those working and developing their careers there, whether local or expats. This is great for those with families who might need to relocate their entire family. It also offers kids, wives and husbands access to their own pastimes, careers and solid education.

The country does have its issues and uncertainties, one major one being the state of their present and future economy. It is not as stable as other countries, nor is the political landscape.

Despite this, the process and the transition of moving to Bahrain is appealing enough that over one third of those who have relocated there see themselves living there for over 5 years. Experts advise that there will be cultural shock, so it is important to utilize resources offered by employers or that you are able to find, and that private schools are the best option for families looking to relocate. The appropriate documentation should be in order as well, depending where you live and what the requirements are.